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The Transporter

Posted on: Mei 15, 2009

The Transporter
The movie begins in a parking lot. We see the Transporter, Frank, checking the time in his custom 1999 Black BMW 735i. He pulls out of the parking lot and drives to a bank. The exact time he parks in front of the bank the alarm sounds and 4 bank robbers run out of the bank and into his car. The robbers demand Frank to start driving. Frank refuses, saying they broke rule number one, never change the terms of the contract. The robbers only contracted him to drive 3 men, but there were 4 robbers in the car. No matter how much they threaten him, Frank refused to drive. The car had a special ignition code, so they couldn’t drive without him. The head robber shoots one of the other robbers and pushed the body out of the car. Frank then proceeded to out maneuver the police through streets of southern France. Finally, Frank brings the robbers to their destination. The head robber wanted him to drive them to another location, but Frank refused, citing rule number one.

Frank drives back to his home, which is an old castle near the ocean. He washes the interior and exterior of the car and changes the license plates. He turns on the TV, and we learn that the robbers were all caught shortly after he dropped them off. He is then visited by a police officer, who is his friend. The cop tells Frank he is checking out all owners of 1999 Black BMW 735i with 06 at the end of the number plate in the area. Frank allows him to look around and invites him for coffee. The police officer, Tarconi, says he is too busy and he will stop by later.

Frank gets a call with another job offer. He meets the clients and goes over his rules. Rule number one, never change the terms of the deal. Rule number two, never exchange names. Rule number three, never reveal the content of the package. The clients accept the deal and pays him half up front. At the pick up point, the clients drop a duffle bag into Frank’s trunk. On his way to the destination, Frank gets a flat. He opens up the trunk to get the spare tire. The duffle bag was moving but Frank ignores it. When he stopped at a gas station, Frank decided to pick up a bottle of juice for the person in the bag. He stops at a remote section of the highway and opens the trunk. When he opened the duffle bag, he sees a Chinese woman with a tape over her mouth. Frank cuts a little slit in the tape so he can fit a straw through to let her drink. After she finished, Frank stuffed her back into the bag and started driving again. The girl pounds on the trunk and Frank is forced to stop. She tells him that she has to pee. Frank allows her to do so, and she runs off. When Frank finally chased her down and dragged her back to the car, two police officers were there.

He is forced to knock them both out and stuff them into the trunk with the girl.

The receiver of the package was a man name Wall Street. He asks Frank whether he opened the package, and Frank says no. Wall Street offers Frank another job, which he accepts. He is handed a silver briefcase as the package. On his way to make the delivery, Frank makes a pit stop. When he was walking back to his car, the car explodes. The package was obviously meant to be a trap. Frank heads back to Wall Street’s home and proceeds to beat the crap out of his men. The girl, Lai, was locked in a room and used the commotion to escape. Frank steals one of the cars in the garage as compensation for his BMW. On his way home he finds that Lai has stowed away in the back seat. Frank decided to take her with him and find out what was going on.

The next day Tarconi came back to visit Frank. He says that they found a wrecked BMW, and the license plate was Frank’s. Frank claimed that the car was stolen. Lai pretends that she picked him up after his car was stolen and drove him back. Tarconi was suspicious, but decided to leave. Wall Street’s henchmen suddenly attack Frank’s home with machine guns and rockets. Frank and Lai escaped using an underwater passage beneath his home. Lai explained to Frank that she was kidnapped because her Father was smuggling immigrants into the country for slave labor, and she was trying to stop him. She knows that they are being brought in through ship containers, but she did not know the number. They head to Wall Street’s office and demand to know the container number. Just then, Lai’s father come in and his henchmen beat up Frank. They call the police and have Frank arrested for trespassing and kidnapping. Frank tells Tarconi the entire story and Tarconi believes him. Tarconi helps Frank escape by pretending to be his hostage.

Frank heads to the shipyard to find the immigrants.

Wall Street spots him and sends his henchmen after him. What follows is a huge prolonged fight through the shipyards and into a bus station.

Frank must have single handedly beat up 20 guys. Unfortunately, this gave Wall Street enough time to load the container onto a truck and drive off. Frank tracks the truck from a single engine plane. He jumps out of the plane and parachutes to the roof of the truck. Wall Street jumps onto the truck as well. After knocking Wall Street out of the truck, Frank manages to drive the truck to a safe location. Lai’s Father had followed him and is now going to kill him. We hear a gun shot, but Frank is unhurt. Lai’s Father looks down to see blood seeping through his shirt. He falls, and we see Lai standing behind him with a gun. Frank goes over to her and she is crying. She says that she knows her father was a bastard, but he was still her father. Frank comforts her. Just then, Tarconi shows up with police back up. The last scene is the police opening the container and letting out all the immigrants.
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