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The Powerpuff Girls

Posted on: Mei 15, 2009

Craig McCracken, a student of California Institute of the Arts, created The Whoopass Girls in 1992 in his short film The Whoopass Stew! A Sticky Situation. Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation selected the short in 1994; McCracken submitted it to Hanna-Barbera’s innovative What A Cartoon! Show shorts program (eventually to be produced for Cartoon Network as “The Powerpuff Girls in: Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins” as part of World Premiere Toons) while working on Dexter’s Laboratory.[6] Announcer Ernie Anderson, the narrator of the pilot episode, died in 1997 before the show became a series. “Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins” first aired in 1995, followed by a second short, “Crime 101”, a year later.

The Powerpuff Girls TV debut in 1998 was the highest rated premiere in Cartoon Network’s history. The series consistently scored the highest rating each week for the network across a wide range of demographics—from young children to adults.[7] In October 2000, Cartoon Network credited the Powerpuff Girls for its Friday night prime time ratings win among cable networks.[8] By 2001, merchandising based on The Powerpuff Girls encompassed everything from T-shirts, toys, and video games to lunchboxes and dishware. [7] Concerning the Powerpuff Girls success, Craig McCracken has stated, “I thought it would get on Cartoon Network and college kids would watch it and there would be a few random T-shirts out there in the rave scene or in record shops. But I had no idea that it would take off to this extent.” [7]

In April 2005, plans for an anime version, Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z were announced and the series premiered in Japan the following year. The series deviates highly from its American predecessor in terms of style, storyline, and characterization. Cartoon Network in the United States currently has no plans to air the adaptation.

In August 2008, McCracken revealed on his DeviantArt account [3], as had been announced in that year’s Comic Con, that he was working with Cartoon Network on a new half-hour Powerpuff Girls special to celebrate the series’ 10th-year anniversary. The special aired on the Pan-Euro version of Cartoon Network on November 29, 2008 on the Powerpuff Girls Birthday Marathon, and in the US on January 19, 2009 on North America Cartoon Network, part of its PPG 10th Anniversary marathon.
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