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Naseem Hamed

Posted on: Mei 9, 2009

Naseem Hamed (born February 12, 1974) is a British boxer and former Bantamweight and Featherweight champion born to Yemeni parents who emigrated to Sheffield. Hamed adopted the moniker “Prince” Naseem Hamed. He is known for his flashy and arrogant style, colourful ring entrances, unorthodox southpaw stance, and explosive power.

Hamed’s spectacular ring entrances have included being deposited in the middle of the ring by an elevator, which was set up specially for the event near the roof of the MEN Arena, being carried into the ring on a palanquin, walking into the ring on a fashion runway style walk way, and walking into the ring with a Halloween mask for his fight with McCullough (fought on Halloween night of 1998).

Hamed is also known for unorthodox behaviour outside the ring. He had an altercation at Heathrow Airport with former world champion Chris Eubank, showing off his belts and reminding Eubank that he was no longer a champion. He was managed by Barry Hearn then Frank Warren and finally by his eldest brother Riath Hamed. In May 2006 he was jailed for 15 months for dangerous driving but was granted an early release in September 2006.[1] It has been claimed that when he was jailed, he weighed 170-180 lb, well over the featherweight limit (126 lb) where he was a defending world champion.[citation needed]

The MBE he was awarded in the New Year Honours 1999 was revoked in December 2006, after his conviction.
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